Do you want to use your French outside of the lessons ? Good idea : the more you use the language in different kinds of situations the better.
Those are, according to me, the best sites with exercices, texts and videos. Ideal for you to put the language into practice outside of the lessons.


Ideal to learn the vocabulary and review the grammar. A clear method and you can see your progress. Repetitive activities. You can make progress by using it 20 minutes a day. A good supplement to the lessons. Free.


Comparable to Duolingo : exercices, activities to learn the vocabulary and the grammar. A good supplement to the practice during the lessons. 10 Euro per month.


I did not have the occasion to test this application. Good comments on the social networks. Are you already using this ? Send me a mail to tell me what you think about it. 5 Euros on Android and Apple.


A system with files to help you memorise. For the vocabulary, for example.
Memrise offers language classes for the most current languages. You can add your own lists.
Perfect to use while queuing or waiting for your turn at the hairdresser.

Interactive Language apps

Applications with focus on practice. Key sentences for everyday life. Tested and approved by 3 of our students.


Application used by 50 million users. Learning method based on sounds and images. You learn the language with images. Lessons with a lot of material and dialogues. Use of the application is free. You only have to pay the premium version.
A lot of interesting tools : dictionnary, challenges for other students, etc.
Negatif point : Approach is sometimes too childish. is a platform with dictionnaries, vocabulary exercices and grammar. Very practical for the conjugation in French.
The tool doesn’t inform you about your progress which makes the first contact a little bit difficult. After a couple of times, it gets more userfriendly.

Do you know a good application to practise French ? Don’t hesitate to tell me so we can pass this on to other participants.


Here the links: DuolinguoBabbel Mosalingua  /  Memrise /   Interactive Language Apps  /  Busuu