1,5 hours / week – 30 hours. Private or group courses. Level:  from A0 up to C1.1


Professionals, employees, managers, etc who already use the target language in professional or private environments.

The extended course is also recommended for people who start to learn a language but don’t have too much time.


In a period of 20 weeks the participant goes up 1 level (based on the European levels).

This is an ideal way for beginners to create a good base in the target language (grammar and vocabulary).

For the levels A2 and higher, this formula permits the introduction of nuances as well as fluency and grammar. This way, the participant learns to use the target language in an efficient and spontaneous manner.

Programme and content

Interactions between the participants and the trainer are at the core of every lesson. The participants receive a practical document which is used in the lesson as well as a theoretical document containing new elements: grammar, vocabulary, phrases etc.

The trainer proposes concrete topics, realistic and close to the professional activities of the participants.

The trainer also recommands self-study material. For example, online exercises, videos or dialogues to put the new material into practice. In order to make more progress, the participants receive homework: the use of the new vocabulary, preparation of a presentation, watch a video, etc.

Advantages of the formula

This extensive training gives the participant more confidence to start speaking the language. The knowledge and the newly-learned elements are put into practice over a long period. It is easier for the participant to experience the progress and to put the new words into practice.

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