30 or 45 minutes of conversation by phone or skype. A written document after each lesson by mail

10 hours per session. Private courses


This formula is recommended for level A2 and higher.

This formula is ideal for people with a very busy agenda who prefer to speak the language for a restricted number of minutes.

The courses by phone or skype are ideal for business people who travel a lot and who wish to stay in contact with their trainer even if they are abroad or when they have an exceptional timetable.


  • Put the knowledge into practice
  • Speak faster and more spontaneously
  • Extend the vocabulary
  • Express yourself with more confidence in a professional context

Programme and content

The participant, his company or organisation and Talk Forum set up the timetable and the programme.

The initiative to speak and the interaction between the participants and the trainer are very important in every contact by phone or skype. At the end of the lesson, the trainer sends a written report of the discussion, with the new words and adapted exercises.

The detailed content of the training is a function of the participant’s starting competence, their needs and their business sector. The trainer proposes concrete topics, realistic and close to the professional activities of the participants. At the start of the training course the participants receive a detailed programme.

The trainer also introduces self-study material: for example, sites with exercises, online-exercises, videos or dialogues to put the new material into practice. In order to make more progress, the participants receive homework: the use of the new vocabulary, preparation of a presentation, watch a video, etc.

Advantages of the formula

The language courses by telephone offer people with a busy agenda the opportunity to adapt their programme to their availability and personal needs.

The conversation by telephone enables the client to focus on the dialogue and to anticipate and react appropriately.

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