6 hours/day over one week. 30 hours


All language levels from A0 up to C1.1.

Private course or group course with homogeneous level

This formula is for people who must progress very fast because they found a new job, to communicate with a client, to prepare themselves for a mission abroad, etc.

This formula is also interesting for people looking for a new job.


With the intensive course the participant is able to:

  • go up 1 European level in 1 week
  • speak the language quickly with a lot more confidence
  • express himself more efficiently and spontaneously
  • understand conversations in the target language better and more quickly

Programme and content

The intensive training is organized in the offices of the company or outside the company at the request of the participant. The lessons are organized from 9 to 12 and from 13 to 16 but a flexible timetable is possible

A day is divided into 4 lessons.

The interaction between the participants and the trainer as well as the dialogue are the core of every lesson. The participants receive a practical document which is used in the lesson as well as a theoretical document containing new elements: grammar, vocabulary, phrases etc.

The detailed content of the training is a function of the participant’s starting competence, their needs and their business sector. The trainer proposes concrete topics, realistic and close to the professional activities of the participants. At the start of the training course the participants receive a detailed programme.

The trainer also introduces self-study material: for example, sites with exercises, online-exercises, videos or dialogues to put the new material into practice. In order to make more progress, the participants receive homework: the use of the new vocabulary, preparation of a presentation, watch a video, etc.

Advantages of the formula

Fast progress and very intensive.

With this formula the participant focuses exclusively on the training.

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