The core of the Italian classes organised by Talk Forum is the oral practice. With this method, our Italian courses help you to speak the language quickly in a correct and efficient way. You’ll go up 1 level (European levels) after the first session.

Talk Forum works with Italian teachers who are all native speakers and who all have linguistic degrees. They have a large experience in the business world and they know everything about its requirements.

We are proud to work with those experienced trainers because of their capability to adapt to any kind of situation.

All of our teachers guarantee quality training. The participants of their classes make progress very quickly.

I need to learn Italian for my job

Your manager wants you to learn Italian for work? Talk Forum’ll send you a teacher with a lot of experience in your business sector. He’ll teach you how to have discussions in Italian with your colleagues and clients. You’ll be able to prepare and to conduct a meeting in Italian. These sessions are organised in your company : no loss of time for you.

We can adapt our trainings to your requests; do you have to write reports in Italian or do you have to go to Italy for a job interview? Ask your teacher to help you with your specific request. Contact us and we’ll give you the info about all our different formulas.

I want to speak Italian in every day situations

Are you leaving for Italy or are you living in an Italian speaking environment? Your teacher can help you to use the correct vocabulary when you have to go to the doctor, visit a museum or when you want to invite people for your birthday party.

After a couple of lessons, you’ll no longer be afraid to start speaking Italian in these kinds of situations.

Should I subscribe for a private course?

In a private class, the focus is entirely on you and on your personal requirements. The best way to make progress very quickly.

Your teacher’ll learn you how to make an appointment, prepare presentations, etc.

You can set up the ideal schedule together with your teacher who can guarantee a lot of flexibility at the same time.

Is a group course better for me?

Are you interested in dialogues, group discussions or role plays? Then you should follow our group lessons. You’ll be invited to speak and participate as much as possible.

We can guarantee a lot of progress in a short time because the groups are rather small (maximum 6 persons).

The ideal formula for you

Talk Forum proposes a number of formulas in order to meet your needs as much as possible. Contact us and we’ll set up together the programme that suits you best.

Do you have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by mail. Together we’ll find the best solution for you.